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British Library Big Data History of Music Project.  Files available for download at

  • BL Printed Music file in CSV is 281,582 KB; Manuscripts Music file in CSV is 665 KB; the BL Printed Music file is also available in RDF/XML format and this file is 88,070 KB. (My thanks to the BL Cataloguing Team Manager for providing this information.)
  • For more about scope of the data and the project, see blog post by Sandra Tuppen at

Michael Kassler (ed.), Music Entries at Stationers’ Hall, 1710-1818 : from lists prepared for William Hawes, D. W. Krummel and Alan Tyson, with a foreword by D. W. Krummel  (Ashgate 2004), now published in hard copy and as an e-book (cheaper) by Routledge. See

Lambeth Palace Library’s Sion College Library Provenance Project:-

Literary Print Culture (Adam Matthew Digital Products/Sage) – the collection highlights include, “Stationers’ Company Registers or Entry Book of Copies, 1554-1842: maps the origins of copyright […] ”


  • EAERN – Eighteenth-Century Arts Education Research Network (based at University of Glasgow)
  • The Lady’s Magazine (1770-1818: Understanding the Emergence of a Genre (based at University of Kent)
  • Romantic National Song Network (based at University of Glasgow, commencing September 2017; contact
  • Sound Heritage (based at University of Southampton; also networks in Ireland and Australia)


This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing, just details of some interesting conferences which touch upon themes relating to the Stationers’ Hall project.