Research Impacts: Asking You!



The other day, I blogged about research outcomes.  Much joy has been experienced in the logging of these – it’s actually quite rewarding to look back and see what has been achieved in one and a half days a week.  (Okay, some was admittedly achieved in evenings and weekends as well.  But an outcome’s an outcome, isn’t it?!)

However, if you’ve had an opportunity to glance at my recent guest-blogpost for IAML (UK and Ireland Branch), you’ll realise that the outcomes are only one side of the story.  So, today I’ve been contemplating research impacts.  This project has made networking connections with loads of people, libraries and organisations, so there’s no denying there has been impact within academia … but what about beyond the ivory towers?!  Some of the organisations have a preponderance of researchers, but others certainly embrace both academia and those in non-academic circles.

So, here’s my appeal to you: if you’ve been enjoying following the project, and you feel we’ve in any way influenced you in your academic OR non-academic existence, I’d positively love to hear from you.  I know I haven’t been blogging into a void, because people do respond to what they see … but I’d hate to think I had overlooked some impact or influence that was worth shouting about!  Similarly, do let me know what you’d like to happen next.

I’ve allowed comments on this post – but any form of communication, social-media or otherwise, would be very warmly welcomed!  Thank you.

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